Seminars and Individual Coaching /

Therapy in Sardinia

26.05. – 27.06.2022 & 02.09. – 06.10.2022


Please contact us for individual desired dates, even for other months of the year!

years we’ve been giving seminars in Hawaii & Sardinia

Discovery trips to YOUR (inner) treasures & places of power in Sardinia (& Hawaii)

Sardinia – traveling in the mystery … of our hearts … in Sardinia (the mystery of our heart)


Liberation of creativity

“In Sardinia I could let blocked energies flow again.

And out of this river my long-lost creativity has risen to the surface with a wonderfully powerful lightness.

Dear Susanne, thank you very much for this energy work. “


(soon afterwards founded a successful training institute for psychotherapy)  


„Sardinia is out of time and history.” – „This land resembles no other place. Sardinia is something else.”


“Sardinia is another thing. Much wider, much more ordinary, not up-and-down at all, but running away into the distance. (…) This gives a sense of space, which is so lacking in Italy. Lovely space about one, and traveling distances – nothing finished, nothing final. It is like liberty itself, after the peaky confinement of Sicily. Room – give me room – give me room for my spirit: and you can have all the toppling crags of romance.”


(D. H. Lawrence, Sea and Sardinia, 1921)


Dear Friends of the Alohana Institute,

We offer for the periods from 26.05. – 27.06.2021 and from 02.09. – 06.10.2021 again discovery trips to YOUR (inner) treasures & places of power in Sardinia!

Founded in 2007, the Alohana Institute can combine ancient knowledge of primitive peoples with modern forms of scientific therapy and make them usable for you. Knowledge that creates sustainability for our health in dealing with the soul, the body and our environment.

We are in places of power that resemble Stonehenge, but are 2.000 years older … And of course always on the turquoise seashore … in the wildest region of Sardinia, which is one of the “5 blue zones”, one of the 5 healthiest zones in the world … Only There are even just as many over 100-year-old men as women …


“Recharge your batteries and go new ways” (body – mind & spirit healing)

We look forward to you!

Susanne Rikus & Arndt Himmelreich


In both periods seminars are held for 4 days. The booking of several seminars or just single days or a single care is also possible!


Also “ – the virtual travel magazine” refers to our Sardinia seminars : Click here!

Imagine your optimal Sardinia seminar and arrange with us your individual desired date.





Our offers in Sardinia:

You are welcome to participate individually, as a couple or as part of a group!

1. Therapy: without VAT

2. Coaching: with VAT

3. Discovery Travel / Self-Experience

   (without coaching / therapy): with VAT

4. Professional training for doctors & Psychotherapists:

(Continuing education points for CME certification can be requested.)

5. Professional training for other professions: with VAT

6. Training for companies

   (Executives / teams): with VAT


You can also participate on individual days or in several seminars (even partially)!

Here you can directly book flights to Sardinia!

Overview of all airlines flying to Sardinia – click here

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Our Therapy – Methods & Alohana Techniques:

– Techniques from Huna (Hawaiian healing knowledge)

– ego state therapy (Woltemade Hartman)

– SOMA & Somatic Experiencing (Sonia Gomes / Peter Levine)

– Clinical Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy (Gunther Schmidt)

– Trance & Meditation (Alohana Tools)

– Psychoanalysis (Freud-Lacan)

– As additional offers: Hawaiian Body Work / Hawaiian Temple

   Massage / Lomi Lomi


What you get:


– Strengthen in unique and enchanting places in Sardinia


– Hold your power and stabilize yourself in all situations


– Clear your way for a fulfilling relationship


– Get tools for everyday life: life becomes easier and clearer


– Experience your consciousness & your unconscious as a



– Use the body as a tool for inner cognition & healing


– Increase your energy with protective & mindfulness

   exercises, presence & power training


– Experience your soul with the body sensually through

   movement (sea & more) – for new ways


– Being able to read and experience nature as a teacher for us

   and thus be in better contact with the environment for 

   a new experience of unity & home, belonging & security


Tell us your wishes, we like to integrate it!

IMG 3573DSC 0122 2© by Susanne Rikus