Hawaii ist etwas Aussergewöhnliches an Schönheit, Kraft & mit einem Gefühl des

Nach – Hause – Kommens.


Auf den Inseln ist Heilung und Erkenntnisse schneller möglich zu erleben.

Hawaii ist der Ort für einen Neubeginn und Neustart in Ihrem Leben.

Das alte Wissen Hawaiis, Huna, der Hula Tanz und die hawaiianische Massage, Lomi Lomi – wie auch die Kahi Loa Massage – nähren unseren Körper, unsere Seele und unseren Geist.

Unser Team hat eine jahrzehntelange Praxis in den Bereichen Coaching und Psychotherapie und bietet Ihnen einen Zugang zum spirituellen Wissen Hawaiis und Sardiniens an.

Wir freuen uns, schon hunderte Kunden weltweit unterstützt zu haben, Ihren Traum zu leben.

Sie haben durch Methoden z.B. durch Methoden aus der Selbsthypnose ihre Gesundheit gestärkt.


Das Alohana Institut


English Version


As soon as we foot on a Hawaiian island we are welcomed by the fragrance of sweet orchids and of fertile soil.

A light wind embraces you and gives you a pleasant vibration and gives you a feeling of coming home.


From December 27th 2018 until January 12the 2019 there will be our next Hawaiian seminar.


After a stopover in Honolulu, Oahu, for one night, we set foot on Kauai on Dec. 28 th.

Additionally days can also be booked individually after 12th January 2019.

Our Hawaiian seminar offers deep healing of our soul with the help of precious power places of Hawaii.

We have developed a unique method to access them. Using deep psychotherapeutic elements like Hypnosis and Ego

 State Therapy. Listening to ancient knowledge of the Hawaiian land inspires and activates our inner healer.

The Hawaiian culture is based on human relationship to nature and will mindfully practice this and thereby acquire

deep insights into the culture.


Our senses are portals for the mystery of creation around us, as many elements in our natural environment are alive

and have a spiritual energy. Trance and hypnosis experiences guide us to the architecture of our soul and we invite

the island to be our team partner.

For many years I have studied with different kahunas, Hawaiian elders. We will benefit of the message of Huna, the

active Hawaiian way of working with creation. The islands are wonderful for raising your awareness of your own

mastery of your senses.


Feeling deep love and being loved back in Hawaii.


Life on Kauai can teach us Heaven on earth and show us the depths of your soul.

Our inner team provides us with the mindful frame leading to greater self confidence.

To achieve this we are guided with Ego State therapy and the „Coaching of Ambivalence“ by Gunther Schmidt.


Aloha is to be happy with …


Hypnosis is an active way of life and bliss: and how we can deal with the inner critic and step forward to our

potential. How we experience vision quest: the outer and the inner mirror. We will translate the experience of our

lives. In addition to group seminars we offer single stays with individual sessions in Huna, Lomi Lomi, Hypnosis and

Ego State Therapy.


We will live in beautiful accommodations. We will find deals and mediate you to find the right & beautiful

accommodation. The contracts are between you and the owner.


Looking forward to see you here with us!


Susanne Rikus (founder of Alohana Institute) & Arndt Himmelreich




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